A meal plan because of my dietary restrictions

I have developed some really bad stomach issues as I have gotten older.

I used to be able to eat anything and be totally fine.

Now I have noticed certain things don’t sit right. If I eat anything with egg in it, I immediately sprint to the bathroom. If I eat a bite of scrambled eggs, within five minutes I have very painful diarrhea. I also have to be careful to limit my amount of nuts and peanut butter. I recently have noted that lactose is a problem for me. I can eat cheese which is low in lactose. Yogurt is pretty high in lactose and I can only have a yogurt if that is my only dairy for the day. I completely cut milk and ice cream out of my diet. If I eat too much lactose, I have painful stomach cramps, bloated and then diarrhea. It makes it tough finding meals without any of those elements. Thankfully the fitness center I go to offers nutritional counseling. Typically this is where they develop a diet plan to help you lose weight. I already am in good shape and work out daily. I have a semi private fitness training session twice a week and three days a week I do a group cardio class. Nutritional counseling for me means getting a meal plan that won’t upset my dietary restrictions. It is easy to eat chocolate, chips or pretzels since they don’t upset my stomach. With nutritional counseling I am learning to reach for fruits and vegetables instead. I am even learning about other types of foods I can eat.

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