A sound HVAC system for an elementary school

My aunt has sent her kids to the same elementary school.

It’s the best in her location and offers excellent education.

Now my cousins are all grown and have families of their own. They live in the same town and are taking their kids to the same school. As an alumnus, they have a better chance of securing positions since the school is quite exclusive. My aunt currently sits on the school board and is in charge of lots of maintenance tasks. Last Friday she called me with an urgent matter. The elementary school’s AC was faulty, and they needed a new one. Since I work for an HVAC supplier, she knew I’d find them the best. I went to work researching the best AC units for a school. I had to consider the climate in the area, the age of the kids, and numerous other factors. Luckily my boss has experience with setting up heating and cooling units in large institutions. He informed me that we had to search for the best HVAC technology. Since the matter was urgent, we put other jobs on hold. The school couldn’t function without a good air conditioning unit. It was only a matter of time before the old one broke down since it was already leaking fluids. The administration was also worried about the health and welfare of everyone in the school due to poor air ventilation. Finally, I managed to place an order for the best HVAC and got it delivered in under a week. We set about installing the top-of-the-line energy-efficient cooling unit. One bonus was it had an air purification system set up in it as an additional feature. My aunt was happy with the speedy job and didn’t have to worry about the failing air conditioner anymore. A week after the AC installation, she called to inform me it was working well.



a/c set up

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