Adding sun shades to help control Heating as well as Air Conditioning cooling costs

Over the last many years, I have tried to do a few more thing each year to address the Heating as well as Air Conditioning cooling costs.

All of us live in a region where cooling costs are by far the largest utility cost of the year.

And the summertime is when those cooling costs can seriously skyrocket. About more than three years ago, I know I was just fed up with paying these exorbitant utility bills without doing something about it. That year was the first year I got a bit proactive about reining in the cooling expenses. I did this first step by focusing on the thermostat setting. I would make sure that I set the thermostat so the inside of the house wouldn’t be more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures. However, I didn’t prefer coming house to a tepid house either. But I sure saw how thermostat discipline was a giant area of knocking down cooling costs. The next year, I obtained a smart thermostat in order to do the same sort of thing with the thermostat setting. However, with the smart thermostat, I wouldn’t be coming house to a undoubtedly hot house. The smart thermostat would start cooling the house a bit as I was on my way home. Last year, I added to that mix by entirely making sure the house was entirely tight. I found as well as sealed any gaps or cracks I could find that might leak Heating as well as Air Conditioning treated air. Plus, all the weather stripping was replaced as well. This year, I am adding automatic blinds to be sure that there is no more direct sunshine heating. And this year, all of us should save the most all of us ever have on our Summer cooling costs.

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