Allergies no more thanks to air purification

I don’t mind telling you that this is the first Spring where I was excited it was happening.

Usually, by the close of winter, I’m dreading that first wave of pollen.

For us, we get that in January since we entirely don’t have much of a winter. Our Winter time barely even wakes up the heat pump but maybe a day here plus there to knock out the day chill. So when I see that first bit of red, I know that allergy suffering is right around the corner for me. And I appreciate getting out of the zone controlled Heating plus A/C at work to love a dinner outside. Well, that doesn’t work so well really. However, I did learn something from that zone controlled Heating plus A/C at work. There is also an whole-house air purifier component which is why our flu symptoms aren’t as bad at work. I figured it was just because the allergy meds had kicked in plus I was inside. But at beach house in our own , I was suffering. So once I l earned about the air purification at the office, I called our Heating plus A/C supplier. I was keen to get that sort of air purification in our home. The Heating plus A/C professionals installed a whole beach house air purification plan inside our Heating plus A/C equipment. It zaps all the airborne contaminants with a high intensity UV light that destroys the DNA of stuff appreciate the pollen in our house. And that is songs to our respiratory health. I’m having the best Spring I’ve ever had this year plus it’s all thanks to the Heating plus A/C professionals plus air purification.


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