Attic insulation improves energy efficiency

I really didn’t want to tackle that job on my own.

I used to think of the attic as strictly a storage area. The attic in my house is full-sized and provides a whole third story to the house. However, it’s always been rather unpleasant to spend any time up there. The attic was horribly overheated in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. A couple of years ago, when I had the furnace serviced, I complained to the technician about the cost of my energy bills. He mentioned several energy saving tips. Most of them, I was familiar with and had already pursued. He recommended caulking around windows, weatherstripping doors and investing in a smart thermostat. He also asked about the level of insulation in my attic. I had no clue if there was any insulation up there. I’d never paid any attention. He and I went up and took a look. I ended up scheduling a time for him to come back and test the attic for air leaks. I learned that I was sacrificing a great deal of my heat due to a lack of sufficient insulation. The attic provides a barrier against the weather. Heat naturally migrates to cooler areas. If the attic is freezing cold in the winter, the heat from the living space rises up and then escapes to the outside. In the summer, the overheated attic causes the opposite problem. The heat moves into the living space, putting a greater demand on the air conditioner. Fortunately the HVAC company I was working with provides attic insulation services. I really didn’t want to tackle that job on my own. They removed the old, water damaged insulation and installed new. I immediately noticed an improvement in the comfort of my home. The furnace and air conditioner don’t need to work as hard and are able to maintain more consistent temperature.
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