Baby bear rescue brings us a tremendous amount of donations from the community

The pride of our life has been this pet rescue shelter that I started up with some friends of mine, but both of us really depend a lot on volunteers as well as people are enthusiastic to do this type of work with us. Both of us are mostly a non-profit organization so we depend a relaxing deal on donations from the community, and well, recently we were able to rescue this baby bear that was sick as well as separated from his mother. Both of us l acquired later on that the mother was killed as well as the baby had nobody else but us. Both of us set up a nice area for the baby bear as well as we had the ideal temperature control settings for him to be comfortable with our ductless mini split system. Both of us fed him a special diet that consisted of varieties of meats as well as vegetables. Both of us really had a volunteer that knew exactly the type of nutrition that was best for bears, as well as the baby bear was doing remarkably well. Both of us also had to set up a special whole-house air purifier so that the air quality would be just right for our bear. Both of us absolutely appreciate the bear because he is so tame as well as he gets along with everybody undoubtedly well. Both of us even started doing charity events with our bear as the special guest, however the bear acquired a lot of attention in our community as well as we were on the news with him as well as everything, ever since we had our baby bear, we have received way more donations for our pet rescue which has been nice! He certainly is our relaxing fortune charm as well as we’re so enthusiastic to have him, sometime in the future, we system to let him go back into the wild.


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