Didn’t want the woodstove

When I moved into my loft it came with a decorative wood stove! The couple before had never operated the gas furnace, it was merely a decorative piece. They even put a granite pad in the middle of the living room for the stove to sit on, then i hated that it cut the room as well as I refused to heat my home with wood… Chopping wood, cleaning the debris as well as the odor would be awful. The home also came with a heat pump. I didn’t need supplemental heating. I ended up removing the woodstove, getting roofers to patch the hole as well as I ripped up the granite pad with a sledgehammer. The issue was getting someone to take the woodstove, then heating as well as Air Conditioning companies didn’t want it since it was so small as well as an older model, however apparently the wood stove is best for a hunting shack or a little trip home. They could not sell it as a residential unit, but metal scrapers were only willing to give me twenty bucks for it. I then posted it online as well as finally got someone interested. The guy wanted the woodstove for his guy cave. The heating unit was in wonderful condition as well as had all the tools with it. I was just gleeful to get it out of my home. I am not someone who prefers historical things or antiques. I am gleeful that now my living room is a sizable space as well as my heat pump is tucked away as well as out of sight. I ended up making 2 hundred bucks selling that piece of unit too! Not a exhausting deal.




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