What is the difference between a room air conditioner and a window air conditioner?

If the window air conditioner is too heavy to lift by myself into the window can I still cool my room?
It is possible to cool your room with an air conditioner without hoisting the air conditioning unit into your window. With a room air conditioner you can keep the unit on the floor and even move it around the room if it has wheels and a stretchable air tube.

How does the room air conditioner work?
A room air conditioner is an air conditioning unit on wheels that has a connection to the window through a tube. The end of the tube sucks in the air from the outdoors and the unit cools the air resulting in a cool and refreshed room.

Though different in design, do the units work in the same way?
Both types of units effectively cool a room and the main difference in design does not change the effectiveness of the unit. The only real difference between the two types of units is that the window air conditioner fits into and hangs out of the window and the room air conditioner fits inside the room and pulls the air into the room using a tube.

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