Feeling the heating care about never before with Winter prep

I believe this is the first Spring in a long time where I wasn’t just infuriated by winter.

That’s truly my default demeanor when it comes to our long, freezing winter.

I’m still truly not sure why I’m still here plus not enjoying the heat pump down south instead of needing this gas furnace. But it’s where my partner’s from so I’m sort of committed to the Winter weather. Yet, I truly did something smart this past fall. Instead of whining about the high cost of Heating plus Air Conditioning heating plus doing nothing to mitigate those costs, I got off my butt. This was the first Winter where I truly spent the time it needed to prepare the home for Winter to maximize the efficiency of the gas furnace. And really, it didn’t even take that long after all. I was pretty amazed that once I got the wonderful info from the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer, it was all truly pretty straight forward. I only had to make one trip to the hardware which was nice. But really, I spent a few hours over care about 3 weekends just sealing up my house. And wow, did that ever make a difference. The gas furnace just ran less. Plus, the home just felt more cozy with no drafts. But the real proof was just how much I saved on the Heating plus Air Conditioning heating costs. It was amazing. I saved 20 percent plus then some over what I paid last year. And it was warmer in the home as well. That result was sure worth the effort to prepare my home for winter.


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