Getting inside the a/c during summer time is a must

I’m not quite the athlete I once was.

And I see it more plus more.

But I guess that sort of comes with the territory as I enter my 50’s. I’ve never been one to just drink coors in the a/c every day. That’s just never been my thing. Instead, I’ve pretty much made a point of getting out of the a/c at every occasion throughout my life. It started when I was a kid plus my parents wanted to wear me out with activity. But I took to athletic activitys plus later to being fit plus active. Being from the south, I’m no stranger to the heat pump. When I walk out of my home pretty much 7 to 8 months of the year, I can hear the symphony of a/c on my street. The Winter means the heat pump stays pretty quiet. And that’s the time of the year that I’m now having to prioritize for my athletic pursuits. The summer time is just getting too hot for me. I work for myself although I still rent an office downtown. It’s just me plus 2 other people who run the business. So I have my schedule pretty wide open. I care about to get out of the a/c to get outside for a few hours midday. But during the summer time heat, I’ve been reticent to yank myself out of the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning to go outside. I’m even eating my lunch inside the Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling during the summer time now. The seems normal to my supplier partners of course as that’s what they do everyday. Staying inside the a/c when it’s hot makes me assume old.

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