Getting radiant floor heating for our childhood home

We grew up in a classic home that had been around for over a century.

Our parents bought it after getting back from working abroad, and our firstborn arrived a year later.

The house is full of great memories and lots of love. Since our parents passed away, we’ve been debating what to do with it. We don’t want to sell the home because it means a lot to all of us. But, we all live far away. It’s going to cost more to maintain it without anyone living in it. While we were debating what to do, our estate manager had a brilliant idea. We could turn it into a holiday let. People were in love with the vintage features and were willing to stay there for some time. With the plan all set, I was in charge of changing the heating system. The old HVAC wasn’t working well, so I decided to go with radiant floor heating. The new unit would keep the whole house warm without making any noise. Not to mention it was a more energy-efficient way of heating the vast home. I found the best AC heating and repair company to contract for the job. They had excellent reviews and were willing to work out a payment plan. That meant we wouldn’t feel the strain of financing the new floor heating installation. The HVAC supplier advised us also to get a separate AC unit to cool the house during summer. It wasn’t possible to use the floor heating system to cool the home. We found the best HVAC system for the house and had it set up. The ductwork plus radiant floor heating setup took some time, but the results were excellent. We knew the HVAC technology would be accessible for all guests to operate during their stay.
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