Grandmother develops different temperature control setting preferences

I have to admit, I haven’t been the biggest fan of going to my grandmother’s birthdays as she has been much older in age.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy being around my grandmother, it’s that her temperature control setting tastes have changed a great deal in her older age.

Now she has the heating system blasting no matter what season it happens to be. It’s the worst on her birthday because she was born in the middle of July. Usually when you are out on a hot summer’s day, you want to be able to retreat from the brutal heat with a nice cooling system running. When my grandmother started to crank the heating system in the hot season, I thought she had lost it. We all tried to convince her that it was too overheated in her home, she insisted that she was still feeling too frosty. We even offered to get her an HVAC upgrade with HVAC zone control. This would allow her to have customized temperature control settings in different zones of her home. She refused to have this done because she didn’t want to go to another room and suddenly feel freezing. I’m sure it’s not surprising that we celebrated all her recent birthdays outside. For her latest birthday, I was happy when I had the idea to rent a portable outdoor cooling machine for the party. Of course we didn’t plan on having Grandma relaxing near the cooling machine, but we knew it wouldn’t hurt and it would be relaxing for us! Imagine our shock when she came to relax near the A/C machine and she actually said she missed the air conditioning.


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