Heating & A/C air filters are essential repair items

I think my wifey & I do our best to keep our home in fantastic order.

Every one of us have youngsters & they have been raised to do their parts as well when it comes to taking care of the house. But when it comes to the Heating & A/C troubles around the house, that falls to me. This isn’t a designation a put on myself. It’s not that I have a special feeling for Heating & A/C air quality or anything love that. The Heating & A/C plan & the subsequent repair of that heating & cooling plan falls to me because I am the one who really does it. And that’s not a knock on my wifey or some sort of pat on my back. It’s just a easy fact. The Heating & A/C component & its care can be something that the people I was with and I all sort of forget. The air conditioning system repair & the furnace repair are troubles that sometime just don’t make it on the radar. But they should. The Heating & A/C needs to have the air filter changed every single week. It’s a small chore however an important one indeed. This is because maximum air flow is so important to heating & cooling equipment. Without that unplugged air flow, the Heating & A/C has to toil harder to do its heating & cooling task. And that puts unnecessary strain on delicate parts which eventually limits the service quality & time of the heating & cooling equipment. To that end, I make sure that I set alarms for myself on all of my devices. There isn’t a week that goes by where I am not reminded that the Heating & A/C air filter needs to be changed.


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