Heating and A/C chores should be a top priority on to do lists

It is perhaps a blessing that there is so much available tech to help me get all the stuff done that I need to do.

Certainly, if it wasn’t for that, I’d be in a very difficult spot.

And, this is from someone who certainly is not all that great with tech stuff. I do our level best. But it’s not as though I’m studying a lot of tech mags while I relax in the Heating and A/C comfort after work. Still, I love the system that our small kids can already program alarms for all of our devices. This certainly helps me to remember all of our many chores plus responsibilities. One section I have a difficult time remembering is the Heating and A/C chores. For some reason, I have a total mental block when it comes to the Heating and A/C stuff. I don’t understand how that could be given the fact I suppose about the Heating and A/C very often. Mainly, I’m thinking about just how much I can save on the Heating and A/C costs and expenses. I was forever eagle eyeing the Heating and A/C smart thermostat. Sometime soon, I am hoping to be able to figure out just how to program that thermostat. So, if I am worrying about the Heating and A/C costs all the time, why can’t I remember our other Heating and A/C chores? I know I can hardly remember to change up the Heating and A/C air filter each week. And that is an important function as the Heating and A/C needs to be unjammed for air flow to do its work. That chore gets by me all the time. Even though the cellphone, our Mac plus tablet are all screaming at me to change the air filter, I still forget.


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