Heating and Air Conditioning stock issue at store

Recently I decided to buy a whole beach cabin media air cleaner from a Heating and Air Conditioning store close to me.

I am lazy and didn’t suppose care about going to the store itself, so I purchased it online.

The next morning, the Heating and Air Conditioning shop calls me and apologizes. Apparently they had a product error, and that our media air cleaner was currently out of stock. This was incredibly discouraging, because now I knew I was going to be delayed, when I could have absolutely just ordered it from another heating and cooling store. The Heating and Air Conditioning owner called me himself and apologized for the issue, and told me she was going to take 25% off, plus provide me a discount code to use on whatever item I would care about from their store. This was wonderful enough for me. I asked for a prediction on when our media air cleaner would be here, and they told me it would be a couple of weeks. While I legitimately don’t care about waiting 2 weeks for a simple whole beach cabin media media air cleaner, at least I am getting a pretty sizable discount. I decided while I was on the wait, to browse their store and see what else they had. They had an older model of a portable air conditioning already on sale, so I used our discount and got the portable a/c for an incredibly cheap price. The Heating and Air Conditioning owner was kind enough to have it expedited to me. I suppose I’ll be the happiest when I absolutely get our media air cleaner, and then both of us will have both items.

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