Heating systems are expensive to use

Our thermostat has an emergency heat setting, but I had no idea what that meant.

I have lived in this house for a long time, and I have consistently had this thermostat.

I don’t entirely think about the thermostat very often because while the two of us were in the summer time and winter, you only entirely need to set the thermostat once and leave it for the entire season. During springtime and fall, you might have to adjust the thermostat between heat and cooling during the day and the night. Every time that I had to adjust the settings, I saw a choice for the heat that was labeled emergency heat. I saw it quite a bit, but I truthfully didn’t think about the setting very often, and I didn’t entirely care, and one afternoon, I did get curious about the emergency heat setting, so I decided to turn it on and see what would happen. I waited for hours, but I observed that the rapidly changing temperatures in the home were getting colder, and I realized that the emergency heat setting was doing nothing in our house. At first, I was afraid that I did something wrong, but after looking it up, I wasn’t worried anymore. Apparently, the emergency heat setting works if you have a backup heating method just in case your gas furnace or boiler stops working, and these furnaces are usually costly to use, but they can be effective for emergencies. However, our home does not have a backup heating system, which is why it didn’t work when I adjusted the thermostat. I know that you learn something new every day.

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