How can you make an HVAC system quieter?

Noisy heating and cooling systems are a common complaint from homeowners.

  • Fortunately, there are redeemable measures that you can take to ensure your home’s comfort is maintained in silence.

HVAC systems are undoubtedly one of the best modern conveniences. Without them, you would be languishing in supreme discomfort, especially during extreme climatic conditions. However, while they are appreciated for providing cool or warm relief throughout the summer and winter periods, every homeowner would love them to do so quietly. If a quiet living space means everything to you, then you should plan your HVAC layout with the help of a professional HVAC expert when building a new home. You want to be sure your heating and cooling system is installed in an appropriate location in your home to minimize noise. An HVAC professional will also ensure that your air ducts are not too small for the smooth flow of air, as this usually causes noise problems as air is pushed through your duct system at high-velocity levels. HVAC systems that come with a brushless D/C variable speed motor are typically quieter compared to an A/C blower motor. When both these motors operate at similar RPM, the brushless D/C variable speed motor produces less noise as it contains a series of permanent magnets that requires no recharge like those in the A/C blower motor. For a quieter home, choose the brushless D/C variable speed motor. Last but not least, ensure the airflow through your system is not restricted in any way by removing all the obstructions. Components such as ducts or vents may accumulate dander, small pests, or dust over time that may obstruct airflow, causing your system to produce more noise.
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