How did the energy bill get so high?

AFter all the hard work I put into having good credit and my own home, I was on the verge of losing it all.

Had someone told me that our country would be under the grip of a pandemic, I would have laughed.

If someone had told me that said pandemic was going to cost me my job and possibly my home, I would have laughed. I never thought this could have happened to me. I was doing everything I had to do, and I was still going under. It was summer and I had my air conditioning running. I had the thermostat set to seventy-five, hoping to keep the energy bill under control, but it wasn’t working. My credit cards were delinquent and because of the energy bill, I was about to lose my house. I called the HVAC company, hoping it wasn’t my HVAC system that was causing me all these woes with my energy bill. When the HvAC technician arrived, he went all over my air conditioning unit. He changed the air filter and he checked the fan. He wanted to make sure there were no clogs in the system that would cause the air conditioner to run harder. The harder the air conditioning unit was running, the higher my energy bill was going to go. When he told me the air conditioning unit was extremely dirty and that could be my problem, I was glad to hear the air conditioning unit being dirty. I’m hoping this will help with my energy bill.


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