HVAC technology continues to grow

A long time ago, there was no Youtube, there were no online tutorials, & there weren’t these things referred to as “schools” either.

If you were looking to learn something, you had to discover someone to teach you, or just learn things on your own… And before you ask, NO you couldn’t read a book about it, because first you would have to be taught how to read.

For trades & other interesting skills, established tradesmen would take in interns to teach them everything they needed to learn about the job. Things have changed tremendously, however in our business, heating & cooling repair, the group of us tries to stick to the old ways as best we are able to manage. Heating & A/C is something that you are not able to easily learn from a book. It basically requires hundreds, perhaps even thousands of hours of hands on experience. Internships are still frequent in the Heating & A/C industry, as the bunch of us help people to learn the business entirely. Of course there is still some book learning that must be done, & a vast majority of community universities offer night classes to help you get ready for the Heating & A/C machine certification exam. Beyond that, it’s pressing to actually start working in the Heating & A/C industry to get your hands dirty, long before you ever get certified. Thirty years ago an established HVAC professional took myself and others under his wing & taught myself and others basically everything he knew about heating & cooling machine installation. After all this time, I am still learning a lot all the time, because as technology advances Heating & A/C machines evolve in new & incredible ways… Even if it’s not Heating & A/C machines, it’s crucial to learn some type of trade.


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