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Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money making their backyard an enjoyable place to spend time with friends and family. People invest in nice grills and build elaborate decks in hopes of spending a lot of their time outside cooking, entertaining, or simply relaxing after a long day. Living in an area with a warm climate can make it difficult to comfortably relax outdoors.

During the Summer months, an umbrella or a gazebo will probably not provide enough protection from the heat. During the Summer months, the temperatures can still reach the upper 90s in some regions. A smart way to beat the heat throughout the year is to invest in a misting cooling system for your outdoor area.These systems are ideal for keeping your guests and pets cool while enjoying the outdoors. Many people use them for watering their plants, as well.  You should have a cooling misting system professionally installed and not attempt to install these on your own. There are many do-it-yourself misting cooling systems on the market. The first misting cooling system I came across was the MistyMate- Cool Patio 20 Low Pressure Patio Misting System. This system costs around $30 and has mixed reviews. Many users reported that it helped to lower the temperature of their patio up for 20 degrees.

Although, most of the ratings reported that there were missing and broken pieces in the set. They also say that when they reached out to customer service for assistance, they were unable to get a live person on the phone. This can be frustrating, no matter what the case. It seems like this system might work for a month or so before complications start. Most of the complaints were that the lines were separating, causing water to flow out and making a mess on the patio and the furniture. This problem can also cause a huge spike in the utility bill and damage to expensive patio furniture and other accessories. In one specific case, I saw that a homeowner had a line break, while they were out of town, causing their patio area to completely flood. The deck was destroyed and they ended up having to replace everything outside. In this case, the company is not liable for any of these damages. Another item that I found was the Ocean Breeze Evaporative Mist Cooling System. This item has a 3.2 star rating and costs around $20. The reviews were mostly that the system works well for a short period of time and then starts to deteriorate.

Most people say that they would not recommend buying the system, unless you plan on using it once or twice- perhaps, for a wedding or a birthday party. For such a low cost, many people thought it might be worth the risk and disregarded the ratings.If you are serious about turning your backyard into an enjoyable place to spend time, it is probably best to leave it to the professionals. A little research on these systems can save you a lot of time and headaches. Most companies offer free installation with the purchase of a misting cooling system. These systems can cost anywhere from $1,400 – $3,000. Although this may seem expensive compared to the do-it-yourself kits, it is very much so worth the cost. Most companies will come to your home for a consult and then discuss installation rates and dates. These systems also come with warranties. If there is an issue, you will get a real person to come out and assist you. There is another option to cooling your outdoor area without having to worry about a self installation or paying thousands of dollars for a professional installation.

A decent alternative and middle of the road pricing is a standing misting fan. These portable misting fans can be placed wherever there is an available power outlet. I found this one at Lowes for $144. It is called the NewAir 3-Speed Outdoor Misting Fan. This product features 360 degree oscillation, a one year warranty, and can cover up to 600 square feet of outdoor living area! This product seems like it might be the best bang for your buck. With a 4.4 star rating, this product has pleased hundreds of customers. Many people compliment the modern look of the fan. Reviewers report that using the fan as a cooling system even without the mister makes for a wonderful product. The sturdiness, design, and multi-function use makes this product a fan favorite. There were few complaints on this product. The main complaint is that the hose that provides the misting is “cheap” for such a well-designed and well-built fan. Users report that the fan does drop the temperature of their outdoor living space significantly, even in the hottest states in the middle of the summer.

The cheapest version of a mister I could find was the Orbit ArizonaMist Hose Attachment. This product costs around $17 and seems to do the trick for must reviewers. From cooling down chickens during a heatwave to creating a safe environment for an outdoor children’s birthday party, reviews on this product do not seem to disappoint. It is easy to use. All you have to do is attach it to a water house and turn the water on. I would recommend this to the average family that is not looking to spend a lot of money. With all this being said, it is vital to remember that the installation of a misting cooling system should be done by a professional. There are many parts to this installation that only a specialist should perform. If you are looking for a quick solution for a moderately warm day, maybe a standing misting cooling fan would be best for you. It is recommended that homeowners do not attempt installation of expensive patio misting systems on their own. Injury and damage to property could occur. It is best to leave these big jobs up to the professionals to avoid serious injury and potentially breaking expensive misting system parts! 

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