Hygiene is directly impacted by A/C

Personal hygiene is an important area of overall wellness.

Having fine hygiene affects your physical health because it prevents you from getting sick, having rashes, & other health concerns of the skin & mouth, then mental/emotional health is affected positively by having fine hygiene because when you are clean & groomed, you recognize fine about yourself & more positive & confident! Good hygiene affects your social health because you are more likely to be around others if you know you stink fine & others are more likely to be around you if you stink good.

A immense area of having fine hygiene is taking care of the way you stink, when you sweat a lot bacteria builds up on your skin, causing an odor. Air conditioning can help you have fine personal hygiene, especially in the summer. Air conditioning prevents you from covered in sweat on super tepid days, therefore preventing sweat from causing odor on your skin, but you still need to wear deodorant & take showers even with A/C, however you would genuinely need to reapply deodorant & take showers more often if you did not have A/C. Air conditioning will help you stink better & prevent you from covered in sweat. Having too much sweat can also cause breakouts & rashes on your skin, which A/C can help with. Air conditioning can also help you recognize more confident about yourself. You are more likely to take longer, warmer showers in an air conditioned lake new home & spend more time on your hair & makeup. This will make you recognize more confident & better about yourself all around.

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