I came up with the idea of cooling stations at my workplace

I have already written here about a few of my experiences working in a major theme park.

I sincerely can’t say the name of the park, because my bosses are absolutely litigious and would fire me in a moment for saying anything about my work.

Let’s just say I work in the park that has the sizable mice, Nicky and Ninny, alright? I have held all types of weird positions at the park, however my newest work is definitely my preferred. It involves a new system I personally designed to help improve the performances of the costumed people going around the park. Their costumes are extremely heavy and tepid. I came to see they could use a personal a/c appliance inside the costume to keep them cool, and help them work at a much higher level. Of course we can’t really can’t stick an a/c appliance inside a costume, even though I was thinking of the next best thing. I set up numerous cooling stations in places around the park, a room where a performer could venture in and hook up a tiny HVAC duct to a vent in their costume. For a couple of minutes they would be able to relax and let the air conditioning pump into their costume. Sure it wasn’t the best thing, however it helped, and that little blast of cooling totally helped these performers appreciate their jobs much more. For now I am mainly walking around between these cooling stations, making certain the vents and machines are all in reasonable working order. The people I was with and I are just testing it out in a single zone of the park, however soon we want to have these cooling stations everywhere!


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