I can’t deal with any more rainy days

I’m sure you know the saying, “When it rains it pours.” This has been the case with me recently. I thought I wouldn’t have any issues with the HVAC system because I had been changing the air filters regularly and cleaning out the inside components of the HVAC unit. Then I had the A/C system break down in the middle of the summer. I had to wait several days before I could get the cooling system repaired. I ended up learning it was because I didn’t get the HVAC tuned up. That is something I cannot forget to do in the future. Then not too long after that, my check engine light came on. I had to get my car checked out and I faced a very expensive repair. There were a few parts in the engine that had to be swapped out. Then soon after that, I was having issues with the A/C in my car. That cost me a little more money and I felt like I was going broke way too fast. I had a reasonable amount of savings before I started running into all of these issues. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I suddenly had a plumbing complication where I couldn’t get the drains to drain even with liquid plumber. The plumbing job cost a lot of money because they had to go deep down into the piping to flush out the clog. I was barely able to afford that and then I was suddenly broke. I truly hope I don’t have any more rainy days anytime soon.




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