I fell out the window along with my air conditioner

I fell out the window along with my air conditioner. I really don’t know how exactly it happened, but it had to have been hilarious for my neighbors to watch. Thankfully, it was a first story window, so I didn’t get hurt. Well, my pride was hurt, but that was it. I was trying to install a brand new air conditioner in my living room window, and let’s just say that it didn’t go too well. I bought the air conditioner like three weeks ago, but I kept putting off installing it for weeks. I should have had someone else instal the air conditioner in my window because apparently, I am not capable of installing an air conditioner in my living room window. The air conditioner was a bit heavier than I thought it was going to be. I got it up in the window, and as I was trying to adjust it, I guess I pushed it a little too far back, and it started to fall backwards out the window. I leaned really far forward to try to catch the air conditioner. Apparently, I leaned so far forward that I fell out the window when I caught the air conditioner because of the weight of it. I only weigh a hundred pounds, so I am a pretty small person, but I didn’t expect the air conditioner to literally pull me out the window. It was such a time. I still am in shock that it happened. My neighbor came running over to make sure that I was okay, and he proceeded to offer to instal the air conditioner for me. He got it installed with no problems.

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