I found someone else that would install the same HVAC equipment for $650 less

I was really bummed out when I found out that I had to spend a fortune to replace the HVAC equipment in my house.

The estimate from the HVAC provider that we normally use was a whopping $7,000.

I was determined to save money, so I decided to spend the day searching for a cheaper price before committing to my preferred HVAC provider. I called a couple of different places and I told the person on the phone what equipment I needed installed and a few of them gave me an estimate over the phone. A couple of them sent a technician to provide a free estimate. One of the companies that I called gave me an estimate that was $650 less for the service and parts. When I realized that I could save 10%, I was convinced that it was time to call my preferred HVAC provider to see if they would match the price. Sure enough, they were happy to meet the same price in order to keep my business. My wife and I had the new HVAC equipment installed the following day. I always wanted to use my preferred HVAC provider, but I needed to see if I could find a better deal somewhere else. I was almost certain that the place would match any available quote and I was happy to find out that I was correct. The new AC works much better than the old machine. I have no idea what the heat pump will feel like, but the AC is icy cold and frigid.


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