I think I need to put a heating and cooling system in the barn

I have been worrying a lot about my beloved horses out in the barn this winter.

I am afraid that they might be getting way too cold out there in the barn with all of the cold temperatures that we have been having.

The winter has been unseasonably cold this year, and we have had a lot of below freezing temperatures already and we are barely halfway through the winter. Whenever I think about my poor horses out in the barn without a furnace, it makes me want to cry. I don’t like the idea of them being out there in the cold when I am in the nice warm house by the fireplace with a book and a cup of coffee. It’s just mean, in my opinion. I’ve been talking with my husband about possibly getting an HVAC system for the barn, but he thinks that it’s crazy. He says that the horses are perfectly fine out there in the barn with their horse blankets, but I don’t know about that. He doesn’t know it, but I’ve already made an appointment with the HVAC company here in town to see if there is anything that they can do for me to help keep my horses warm. I’m thinking that they might be able to put in something like a ductless mini split air conditioning and heating system out there, at least in the part of the barn where the horse stalls are. I know that my husband doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on heating the horses, but I have to do something.


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