I’m a bit of a hermit, so I was surprised to see my brother

I live alone and I was just playing the piano thinking I was the only one there. Then when I was done playing, somebody started clapping. I was alarmed at first but then I saw it was only my brother. He said he let himself in when he heard that I was playing the piano and he didn’t want to interrupt me. I asked him what he was doing there and that’s when he reminded me that I called him last week to have him come look at my HVAC system. He’s not an HVAC professional, but he has learned a lot about DIY HVAC repair and maintenance work. He doesn’t do anything that is too serious like working with refrigerants, but he was able to fix the issue with my HVAC system without too much of a hassle. I offered to pay him for the work he did, but he laughed and told me to keep my money. He did help himself to some of the cold beer in the fridge though and we had a few together. I don’t always get to visit with my brother and it was nice catching up with him on things. With the way things have been going, the next time I see my brother might be when I have another issue with my HVAC system, and that will probably be a long time from now. At least I have my piano to keep me occupied while I spend most of my days by myself. I know it might seem sad, but it’s the way I prefer my life to be.

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