Installing and Disassembling a Split Air Conditioner

air condenser unit Although split air conditioners are easier to install than window air conditioners, one should consult an expert before doing anything. It looks all so easy to install and disassemble a split air conditioner but the best option is to let an expert do it or even if someone wants to do it themselves, then do it in front of an expert.

To install the split air conditioner, the first job is to install the condenser unit. The condenser unit stays in the open, out of the house. Since outside air circulates through the condenser unit, there should be ample space around the unit. There should be at least 12 inches of space between the condenser unit and the wall of the house. 12 inches should also be kept free on both sides of the condenser.

After the proper space is selected, the pad should be laid on the ground, a check should be done to see that the pad is on even ground and then the condenser unit should be put on top of the pad.

The next step is to drill a hole in the wall through which the refrigerator coil will go inside the house. The room in which the air conditioning unit will be placed needs to be located and the wall opened up in that room. The refrigerator coil now needs to be connected to the condenser and run through the wall into the room. After this is done, the PVC line needs to be assembled and run into the room. The PVC line helps in condensation.

refrigerator coil The final coil work is to connect the electrical cable and a low voltage wire to the condenser. The other end of the electrical cable and a low voltage wire is then run into the room. The wiring is complete at this point.

Now, the metal mounting bracket is screwed into the wall. While screwing the bracket, the users’ manual should be referred to and the bracket should be put up at the height that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Now the air conditioner unit needs to be fixed to the bracket. The last step is to make the final electrical and other wire connections. After this is done, the installation is complete and the split air conditioner is ready to work.

Opening or disassembling a split air conditioning unit by the user is not recommended at all. It is a simple process but an expert should be allowed to do the job or even if the user does it on his or her own, it should be done in the presence of an expert.

In any case, opening or disassembling a split air conditioner is a simple process. Before anything else, one should check that the electric supply is off and then take off the electric supply wires. At this point, it is advisable that one earths himself or herself.

The first work should be done on the indoor unit. The cover is first taken off. The modern split air conditioners have latches that attach the cover to the bracket. So, it’s a simple task of unlatching and taking off the cover. After the cover is off, all the open end of the wires should capped.

Extreme care should be taken not to break the refrigerator coils because gas runs through them and leaking may cause an explosion. After this is done, one needs to go outside and gently pull out all the refrigerator coils and the PVC line.

Once this is done, they need to be disconnected from the condenser unit. The condenser unit is then unscrewed and taken off the supporting pad. One should go inside now and take off the metal bracket using screwdrivers. This completes the opening and disassembling process.

How to Mount Air Conditioner in Wall

What materials do you need?
• Stud finder
• Hacksaw blade
• Saber saw
• Drill
• Hammer and nails

What steps do you need to perform?
• Locate a place and stud on the wall using a stud finder. Properly mark the location of stud and measure the dimensions for the opening.
• Make an outline where you want to have the wall cut. Use the hacksaw blade to cut the dry wall. You can also carefully cut the insulation around the piece of cut wall.
• Drill a hole in every corner of the opening and make sure the drill properly penetrates the other side of the wall.
• Draw a line from each hole and cut the siding on the other side of the wall using saber saw. Expose the wall opening by removing the siding.
• Now frame the opening to create a support for the air conditioner. You could also create a box to fit the air conditioner and then fix the entire set up on the wall. If the air conditioner is heavy, then you could use a metal sleeve properly nailed to the wall.
• Insert the air conditioner into the wall safely.

How to Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner

Start off by deciding a spot for the air conditioner. It is better if it is under a window because the header required to hang the window is enough to bear the load of the air conditioner.

Measure the size of the hole according to the dimensions given in the instructions manual that came with the air conditioner, and cut out the drywall accordingly.

Drill holes at the corners of the hole you just made until they are prominent outside. Build a frame for the air conditioner. Then use a circular saw to cut the exterior wall according to the holes just drilled.

set the air conditioner’s chassis in the hole just cut out, make sure the chassis slightly leans on the outside so that the water from the condensation drips outside. Fix the chassis into place and secure it.

Place the air conditioner into the chassis and make sure it is secure, cover up the exposed portions of the wall by cutting out appropriate sized pieces of the drywall just cut out. Cover up the seams with drywall tape and repaint the area.
Seal the edges of the air conditioner from the outside by silicone because silicone is weather-proof.

How To Choose A Location For Wall Mounted Air Conditioning ?

When you have a wall mounted air conditioner unit you will see that it is going to be difficult figuring out where to put it. That difficult is going to come because these units can take up quite a bit of space, but also because they are going to need to be within reach of the plug. That is when you should answer two questions about how to choose the location for the wall mounted air conditioning unit.

One question that you should answer is will the unit look out of place in that location. Now this is a question that is going to deal more with the look of your room, but if the unit is going to look really out of place then you may need to find a different location for it.

Another question to find the best one is going to be if the place in the room is going to be good or not. For example, if the unit is mounted in the corner is it going to get enough air flow to it for the air to circulate. If the circulation is not present then you will see that the room will not get cool.

Being able to determine the best method on how to choose a location for a wall mounted air conditioning unit can be tough at times. That is when you should know a couple of questions to ask, then you can find the best place possible for the unit.

Can Installation Of In Wall Air Conditioners Damage Walls Beneath?

The installation of a in wall air conditioning unit is similar to a window unit but the difference is that with a wall unit a hole actually has to be cut in the wall to allow for installation of the unit. For some walls such as wood this may be a simple task but for brick or stucco this should be done by a licensed professional. Care must be taken when cutting out the hole so as not to weaken the structure of the wall. If the hole that is cut weakens the wall on the second floor, this will put undue stress on the wall below on the first floor.

Water damage is also an issue that will need to be addressed. Since the unit will be sitting in the wall, it is very important that the unit is properly sloped to allow for condensation from the cooling process to drain outside and not down indie of the wall to the lower floor. If allowed to drain inside of the wall this can cause water damage and also create a mold problem.

Make sure to have the unit properly installed and be sure to maintain the unit after installation and the lower level walls should be damage free and your home will stay cool this summer.

How to Install a Split System Home A/C Unit ?

A split system air conditioner consists of a condensing unit that is located outdoors and the air handler assembly which is installed indoors. If the system is ducted, the indoor unit will usually be located in a garage, basement or a furnace room. In a ductless split system, the evaporator section is typically attached to a wall in the specific room it will be cooling.

An outdoor condensing unit should be set on a cement slab or a UV resistant plastic pad and positioned in an area where noise from the fan motor will be minimized. Care must be taken to maintain a clearance of at least 18 inches from any wall or fence. This will ensure that the hot exhaust air is suitably dissipated.

Properly sized liquid and suction lines should be run from the compressor and condensing coil to the indoor evaporator coil. Care must be taken to ensure that the lengths of the refrigerant lines conform to manufacturer’s specifications. The lines should be properly insulated and then charged with the appropriate refrigerant.

Finally, the electrical connections can be made for both the condensing unit and the air handler. The system should be tested to determine if the refrigerant pressures and the supply air temperatures are correct.

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in the Wall ?

Most units come complete with mounting hardware that secures the unit to the window sill. Carefully follow instructions, making sure to have required tools and always drill pilot holes where screws are needed to ensure that you do not crack or split wood on your window or window frame.

Once the air conditioner is securely mounted on the sill, the window can be closed and the accordian extensions can be pulled out. Use screws provided in order to keep the extensions secure and weather tight so that your unit will run more efficiently.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Wall ?

When a person decides to install a window air conditioner in a wall, it is usually because they have an air conditioner that is too big for a window and it won’t fit in the window correctly. The great thing about installing a window conditioner in a wall is that you will be able to customize the cut out in the wall to the exact size of the air conditioner. Another good thing is that it allows for the person or the contractor to decide exactly where they want to place the air conditioner.

As far as installing the unit, it is simply using tools that would use to cut through interior and exterior walls and drywall. The most important thing is that you want to put the unit in a place where the condensation will not drip down on any electric outlets. With that being said, it is best to find some kind of vapor barrier to go around the hole in wall.

It acts as sort of a sealant which will prevent air and condensation from leaking through. The most important thing when it comes to installing an air conditioner in a wall is to make sure that no kind of condensation from the unit leaks inside of the room that you have it mounted in.

How to Seal Around a Window AC ?

Sealing around a window air conditioner unit is vital to maintaining its efficiency. Allowing warm air to come in around the unit will not only cause the unit to work harder, it will decrease your comfort level. It is a very simple task to do. All you will need is a foam weather strip tape. This tape can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. Walmart carries it as well. A popular brand is Frost King, but it does not need to be a popular brand to do the job.

The weather strip, as it is called, is foam rubber. You should buy weather strip that has adhesive on one side, and weather strip that does not have any adhesive. Before sliding your unit into the window, measure the bottom of the window where the unit will contact the window frame and cut a piece of foam strip, without adhesive, to length.

Lay the piece across it. Next, using the foam strip with adhesive, measure around the air conditioner where it will rest against the window once it is slid into place and the window is closed. Place the adhesive strip onto the air conditioner and slide it in place. Fill any cracks that allow air in with pieces of non-adhesive foam.

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