It really is wonderful having cooling stations at the theme park

I have already written here about a number of my experiences working in a serious theme park… I can’t say the name of the park, because my bosses are pretty litigious plus would fire me in a jiffy for saying anything about my work.

I’ll just say I work in the park that has the important mice, Nicky plus Ninny, okay? I have held several odd positions at the park, but my latest job is legitimately my most preferred.

It involves an up-to-date system I was able to design to help improve the performances of the costumed people who have to work in different parts of the park. Their costumes are extremely heavy plus warm. I realized they could use a personal cooling machine of some sort inside the costume to keep them perfectly cool, plus help them work better… Of course all of us can’t stick an actual cooling machine inside a costume. Fortunately, I was able to find the next best thing. I set up several cooling stations around the park, a room where a performer could go in plus hook up a small HVAC duct to a vent in their costume. They would be able to rest and let the cooling machine pump into their costume! Sure it wasn’t the most wonderful thing around, but it helped. Not to mention that little blast of cooling completely helped these performers appreciate their jobs quite a bit more. For now I am walking around between these cooling stations for the most part, making sure the vents plus machines are all in perfect working order. We are just testing it out in one zone of the park, but soon all of us will put in cooling stations in as many places as possible!


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