It was always a great time going to the fair back in the day

I remember back in the day when we enjoyed going to the local fair.

We would typically go together as a family but I would have friends tag along as well.

We would get snacks like crackjacks with the cheap little prizes inside. Life was so relaxing and worryfree back then when we were youngsters. I remember most of the time it would be hot at the fair, but it was nice to relax in the shade of some of the tents. There were places were you could observe different farm animals and it was cool to see the pigs and goats. Some areas even had air conditioning and it was also nice to relax in those spots for a little while. Usually after we were done at the fair though, our father would drive us to one of the local eateries. He purposely made sure to go to places that served ice cream. He said those places always had the best air conditioning with the ideal temperature control settings to make sure the ice cream didn’t melt. It was awesome getting cold treats after a long and hot day enjoying the fairgrounds. I typically would get a burger with fries and a shake if my parents were willing to spend the money. Sometimes my father would just ask me to have water because the shakes were kind of expensive, but it depended on his mood if he was feeling generous or not. Still, those are happy memories that I will never forget. One day when I have kids, I want to take them to the fairgrounds as well so they can have happy childhood memories like that.

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