Review of Mini Split Heat Pump AC Units and Heating Systems

Mini split heat pump heaters are the ideal solution for homes where ducting is not possible. You may not be able to install ducting due to the high cost or it may not be feasible to do so due to architectural constraints. They also make good add ons to houses which already have a ductless heating system in place such as radiant panels, hydronic systems, space heaters powered by wood, propane or kerosene.

A mini split heat pump kit is just like any other air source heat pump. It has an out door compressor and an indoor unit that is responsible for air handling. The outside and inside units are linked through a conduit. This section houses the assembly of the system like the power cable, the suction tubing, the condensate drain and the refrigerant tubing

Ductless mini heat pumps offer the advantages of room air conditioners and a central air conditioning system rolled into one unit. Ductless mini heat pumps use air handler which are mounted through out the house. The refrigerant is supplied to the individual coils in these air handlers instead of the single unit of refrigerant coil and air handler in traditional central duct work air conditioners.

One of the primary advantages is the fact that the refrigerant lines need less space as compared to traditional ducting and they are considerably easier to install.

There are many newer models available in the market that provide both heating and cooling however mini split heat pumps are predominantly used for cooling. The single indoor unit comprising of a refrigerant coil and air handler along with a single out door unit comprising of a compressor and condenser are adequate to cool an entire house.
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The working of the unit is fairly simple air cooled through the evaporator coil is distributed through out the house through the duct-work. Even if there are multiple indoor units there will usually only be one outdoor unit. The refrigerant is passed to the individual indoor units through insulated refrigerant lines. Each indoor unit also has a fan which is used to blow the cooled air into the room.

The biggest advantage of installing mini split heat pumps is energy efficiency. Particularly if the area is well insulated as many as 4 indoor units can be served by one outdoor unit. Each zone served by a single indoor unit has its own thermostat so you can only use air conditioning in that zone when somebody is present or it can be switched off. This helps to conserve energy and save money.

Some of the popular companies that manufacture mini split heat pumps are Fujitsu and Sanyo. The cooling capacity starts at 12000 BTU. However the cost of these units is pretty steep at $1500 to $2000

While choosing a mini split heat pump you need to consider many factor one of them being the BTU. Since the cost of these units is very steep at 30% more than a conventional window air conditioner, budget is usually the primary constraint.

Also, you need to check if the indoor units suit the decor of your house since they don’t have the look of a central system. You will need to make sure that there is place to drain the condensate water from the outside unit.

Apart from the cost of the machinery you will need to pay for installation charges and it may not be easy to find qualified technicians to help you out.

Despite some disadvantages, mini split heat pumps are one of the best cooling solutions available in the market with high energy efficiency and greater flexibility

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neophytos October 18, 2010 at 11:04 am

I am looking into mini split units to replace the wall mounted ac’s.

Three bedrooms at the top floor (medium to large size), living room (20×20)and dining room (18×18) at the middle floor, one large room at the basement. Basically 2 tri zone kits will do the job. The compressors will be installed at locations to efficiently lay out the piping.

The installer suggested Comfort Star which is close 50% cheaper than the main brands (Futjitsu, LG, Sanyo, Mitsubishi etc).


source heat pumps March 13, 2011 at 11:46 am

A well controlled heat pump unit will not only consume less electricity but will also help remove dust from the home, improving indoor air quality. Because indoor dust can pose health risks especially to young children. This heat pump seems to have a promising specifications suited for a home.

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