More dealer productivity with much better Heating and A/C comfort

The smartest corporations plus professionals understand the relationship between productivity plus comfort levels. Businesses should have all figured this out long ago. Properly trained plus motivated associates do their jobs so much better when they are in a comfortable environment. This is a truth that I always had such a difficult time getting across to the corporate executives I’ve worked under. They stay in their perfectly Heating and A/C took care of offices so, it should just be logical that comfort plays a huge part. I quit trying to convince them plus now I job for myself as a consultant. I love what I’m doing a lot better. The schedule plus stress are far more manageable. I job from my beachside home which helps split down on the overhead. My office was once our eldest son’s bedroom plus works perfectly for our purposes. Being in dealer for myself has worked out way better than I had planned. But, I did take our own advice. I noticed that our new office space just wasn’t as Heating and A/C comfortable as I wanted. Plus, I liked to be able to fully control the temperature in just that place. So, I called the Heating and A/C people the people I was with and I have used since forever. They came out plus installed a new ductless heating & cooling unit right in our office. The replacement didn’t take too much time at all. The results are awesome plus our productivity is, of course, at an all time high. Now, I can easily cool our office down to a temperature that doesn’t freeze out everyone else in the house. Seems that I run a bit cooler than most. I find a cool crisp job space to be a single that helps me focus plus be a lot more productive.

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