My child will do great running the family business

It was the whole package pretty much

I am pretty much an old school soul. And maybe even more old school than people would imagine from a guy in his fifties. But, I was basically raised with traditional customs and that has carried over to my adult experiences. And, I have also been a pretty major part of a family business that is steeped in tradition as well. However, my daughter is now just about set to take over from myself and others just as I did from my own father. And I have perfect confidence in her abilities to take the business to completely new levels. However, I was a bit curious when she decided that she would transfer most of our actual marketing budget to an internet SEO service. Again, I’m behind on pretty much all the platforms that exist on the internet. While our business easily has a website, it’s little more than a basic advertisement. Actually, I’m not even positive how much business we even get from our website. So, I was super eager to learn more about internet SEO and I joined my daughter in a meeting with a professional internet SEO business. I had opened eyes to the power of internet SEO. I had never even heard of search engine optimization, social media management or pay per click in all my years. But I was finally able to get a crash course in it. And even for an old school guy, it just made nothing but sense to me. Plus, the internet SEO business could offer web design and web development which was marvelous. It was the whole package pretty much. At the end of the meeting I was sold and I couldn’t be leaving my business in more perfect hands than my daughter’s.
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