My favorite heating and cooling company has the best TV advertising

Like many in the States, I’m inundated by cringy small business advertising whenever I watch local TV stations.

There’s always a mix of painful attempts at humor and 1990s era digital animation.

The car dealerships and ambulance-chasing attorneys have some of the worst ads of all. Sometimes you’re watching someone dancing awkwardly in front of poor green screen animations, or they’re shouting at the top of their lungs. A local restaurant used a bad camera with the wrong exposure and white balance settings while they were shooting images of their dishes. The off lighting caused delicious food to look absolutely disgusting. I think they received countless messages on social media because they took the ad down within the same month in which it appeared. One of the few companies in the area with good TV advertising is my favorite heating and cooling supplier. Their customer service and expertise speaks for itself, but somehow they still manage to create good commercials. They don’t try to act silly or force misplaced humor on their audience. There’s a lot of tips, advice, and important information on air conditioners and furnaces that is condensed into a short 90 second advertisement. If they’re ever doing promotions or sales, those are announced in their commercials as well. I found out about a great veterans day sales on new air conditioners because of one of their commercials. I already needed a new HVAC system, so I quickly took advantage of the holiday promotion. It’s amazing when you can get over 40% off on a new system just by watching a commercial on local TV.

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