My husband bought a ticket for a raffle to win a heating system

My husband spent about twenty dollars a couple of months ago to buy a raffle ticket.

I was kind of annoyed with him because I don’t like to spend that much money on raffle tickets or lottery tickets, personally.

I feel like it’s just too much money to spend on a chance. However, my husband doesn’t feel like that at all. He likes to take chances way more than I do. Anyway, he purchased this raffle ticket from one of the neighborhood kids who was selling them as a fundraiser for his hockey team. The hockey team’s sponsor just so happens to be one of the local HVAC companies here in town and so the grand prize for the winner of the raffle was a brand new high efficiency heating system. We were actually in the market for a new furnace at that point because our old oil furnace was on its last legs. We had been looking at different heating systems but we had not decided on one yet since it was such a big investment. So I guess that was part of the reason that my husband thought it was a good idea to buy the raffle ticket. When we got the phone call telling us that we had won the new high efficiency furnace, we were both elated! I told my husband that this was one time that taking a chance actually paid off for us. After we won the new heating system, I wasn’t nearly as annoyed when he would buy lottery tickets and raffle tickets.


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