My husband cooks so much sausage the grease goes airborne and collects in the a/c

I’m happy that my husband has started taking up cooking since the beginning of the pandemic. He likes to eat and needed a new hobby after his job switched to remote work. All of the time he used to spend traveling to and from his job is now spent at home with the kids. However, during his work shift he locks himself in our home office so he can work without interruptions. This is important because he takes a lot of phone calls throughout the afternoon. But once he completes his shift at 5pm, he has the rest of the evening to spend whichever way he desires. Whenever there aren’t chores to complete, he hits the kitchen to cook a new meal. Lately he has been obsessed with breakfast meats like bacon, ham, and sausage. I love waking up to my husband cooking pancakes and sausage or bacon for myself and our three kids. It’s amazing having home cooked food before work every day. But it doesn’t come without a heavy price. The bacon and sausage grease goes airborne in the steam rising from the fry pan and it gets caught in the ventilation system. The air conditioner pulls in the steam and distributes it throughout the house. We had to invest in better air conditioner filters after our technician noticed grease spots on the evaporator coil. He cleaned it off himself, but he warned us about long term effects and the need for a better filter. The new filters collect all of the cooking grease, no matter how many times a day my husband hits the kitchen.


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