No more bad dreams after HVAC upgrade

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon, we were both shocked when we learned we were having the same nightmares. For some reason when we would fall asleep, we would dream about the HVAC system breaking down at home. I thought that was strange because I always kept up with the HVAC system maintenance. I thought maybe we were coincidentally both afraid that the HVAC system would break down because it is pretty old. It was going on 13 years and I guess these types of HVAC systems last around 15 years. I wanted to just put it behind me and enjoy the honeymoon. My wife and I were in this really nice tropical hotel and the HVAC system was amazing. There were radiant heated floors in the bathroom area along with a comfy hot tub. We had a great time there in the hot tub, especially since you can adjust the temperature control settings with voice commands! We still had the nightmares for some reason and I wished that I could just get some good sleep for a change. It wasn’t that we weren’t having a good time, it was just hard to sleep regardless of the bed being comfortable! When we eventually got home, we really did have troubles with the HVAC system. We thought that perhaps the dreams we were having were our subconscious minds telling us to upgrade the HVAC. We did exactly that, and we have not had any issues with our bad dreams since. It’s nice being comfy in our home and not having to worry about being in a bad situation with a broken down HVAC system.



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