Pet dander creates concerns with heating & cooling equipment

I never intended to have a bunch of pets, however due to rescuing creatures in need, I’ve ended up with more than one huge cats, three cats & a rabbit.

While I certainly love my creatures & am unwilling to give them up, they create some concerns.

I spend quite a bit of money on food & vet bills. I devote a lot of time to caring for them & cleaning up after them. I don’t want my home to stink love a pet store. I refuse to have a bunch of fur & dander all over my floors, furniture & clothes. Because of this, I constantly vacuum, dust & clean surfaces. I also need to replace the air filters in the gas furnace & a/c more frequently. I’ve found that the filters become blocked certainly hastily. If I neglect them, the dander will find its way inside the inner workings of the heating & cooling equipment, restrict airflow & lead to all sorts of concerns. The plan will run longer, use more energy & wear out faster. I’ll pay higher bi-weekly bills & yet suffer with diminished comfort & air quality concerns. To help keep my home clean, healthy & stinking nice, I’ve also invested in an in-duct air cleaner. The purifier cleans the air as it passes through the duct system, trapping airborne contaminants, killing microorganisms & handling unpleasant odors. The air cleaner targets dust, mold spores, dander, bacteria, pollen, viruses, VOCs & much more. It gives myself and others confidence in the air I breathe & helps protect the efficient operation of the gas furnace & a/c.



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