Please read my song about air conditioning

I adore to write music as well as poems in my free time.

  • I have never had anyone easily sing my music out loud, however I adore the way that they sound in my head.

I wrote a song about air conditioning as well as I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here is my song about air conditioning: I need A/C in my life the way a hubby needs his partner. A/C keeps me calm as well as cool, if you live in a hot part as well as you don’t have A/C you are a fool. I have central A/C, which was the right move for me. If you don’t have A/C, you should call your local supplier. When you call, say you need A/C as well as then you’ll have it all. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist will come to your home, once you have A/C it will be adore you’re inside a Wintertide dome. A/C, A/C you are right for me. Without you I’d have no energy. Without A/C in the summer time it would unquestionably be a bummer. I set my temperature control low, I keep my hopes high, separate from air conditioning several people would die. A/C, A/C you are right for me. A/C I need you in my life to keep me cool. A/C separate from you I’d be a total fool. Air conditioning keeps me sane, separate from it I’d suppose adore I was missing my brain. Air conditioning I’m so thankful for you, don’t worry heat . I need you in the Wintertide too. I hope you liked my song about air conditioning!

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