Where to Purchase Kenmore a/c Window Unit

An air conditioning window unit is a good idea depending upon where you live. In places like Florida, Arizona, Nevada, or Alabama, it would definitely come in handy if there isn’t already a free-standing unit that comes with the house. There are several places to purchase one. The most popular places would be Sears, Montgomery Ward, Target Stores, Walmart, and almost any hardware store around will carry them.

Be sure to check with the store manager’s to make sure that it’s the kind that will fit in the window at home. Some brands are better than others, obviously, but most will do the trick very well. Colors are usually white, but these units can also be found in black, silver, and gray. These units come with directions and are easy to install; just slide it in place, plug it up, and turn it on. Nothing could be simpler.

Search the Internet whenever possible for the best bargains around. There are discounts and coupons just for the asking. And, all stores advertise on their own Web site. Be selective, and shop where money will go the farthest first. Not all companies will, but some will even waive the sales tax, or shipping charges for first-time buyers.

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