Put more money in your pocket when selling your home

Homeowners need to be aware that any upgrading that they undertake should increase their home equity, and one way to increase home equity by upgrading an existing system or purchasing a new HVAC system.

However some things you can do to increase your home equity is installing a smart thermostat, a zoning system, improved air filtration, or an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). A smart thermostat lets you control energy consumption and enable temperature regulation using a smart device. You can program your heating and air conditioning to turn on and heat or cool your home to specific hot and cold temperatures. A smart thermostat can increase your home equity by 5%. A zoning program lets you regulate temperature levels at specific areas in your home. This is an ideal way to decrease cold and hot spots and reduce your power consumption. They also work quietly and with high efficiency. If you or your loved ones suffer from air condition pollen irritations or asthma, this could be a problem brought on by the presence of dust and other allergens in the air caused by low air quality in your home. If your heating and air conditioning system is still using 1-inch filters, this could be the source of health problems. Improved air filtration can improve air quality so buying a better quality air filter will benefit you greatly and prevent air borne allergens from coming through the ductwork and vents. Some examples of improved air filtration systems include UV light, media air cleaners and whole-home air cleaners. An energy recovery ventilator is another method in heating and air conditioning upgrades that will increase home equity. It works well with an air filtration system. An ERV exchanges stale air from the inside with fresh air from the outside. This process goes on without causing energy loss unlike when you open the windows to let fresh air into your home. If you are looking to increase your home’s equity, calling a professional to update your home is a great first step to benefit you and the home buyer while putting more money in your pocket.


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