Reducing my footprint but still enjoying HVAC

I have had a passion for sustainability.

It’s always fascinated me to see how much I really needed to enjoy my life.

Not really sure where that came from considering I hail from a very comfortable upbringing. My folks had the big house, the fancy cars and the state of the air HVAC equipment. While I think maybe they enjoyed all the trapping of wealth to some degree, it was also just for show. My parents both got more out of flaunting all the status stuff than they did the actual stuff. Now I could say that my feelings toward sustainability were a rebellion against my parents. But that wasn’t the case at all. I loved the great, quality heating and air in the house. I had a new car at 16. Nope, I really didn’t get into the sustainable angle until college. It was there that I first realized I didn’t need all this stuff to be happy. It was quite the epiphany. And over the past 15 years, I have followed that path and have enjoyed it immensely. I live in small cabin off in the wood. My property is one of the last out here to get on the electric grid. My cabin has plenty of nice things but they are all things I use. While I have a wood stove as primary heating, I recently added some new HVAC technology. The fact that my cabin is an open floor plan allows for the ductless heat pump to work splendidly. And it’s one of the most efficient ways for heating and cooling a house.



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