Review of the LG LS122HE 11,500 BTU Single Zone Wall-Mounted Cool/Heat Pump Ductless Split System

The LS122HE is one of the most élite wall-mounted heating and cooling systems. This system is ductless which is to be highly considered for those homes that currently are using window air conditioning units. It also features a remote control which makes adjusting the heat effortless. The unit supplies 11,500 BTU of heating and air conditioning capabilities which is about perfect for a space of about 400 sq ft depending on other factors.

It’s great for those with breathing problems as this system also features a plasma air purifying system. This is one of the few wall mounted units where this is a standard feature. The LS122HE is also cost-effective for those living on fixed incomes. This wall mounted unit has the best energy star rating in the industry.

This product is very easy to use once it’s installed. The installation does require a professional as there are a few lines that need to be ran for this product. Anyone who choose to pay for this system should call a few installation companies in their city to see how much installation is going to cost. This might be a point where air units win out for those living in rental properties.

The maintenance, such as simple cleaning, is no different from that of other air conditioning units. Once a person decides to invest in this system there is a lot more to it than that of in window units. If something fails you will need to contact a HVAC professional. Parts for this system may become more scarce as these units are later phased out. This will mean that if a simple part fails you may have to pay for a completely new system and installation all over again.

When everything is installed professionally this product does perform well above its expectations. It doesn’t cost that much to run on a daily basis. The LS122HE is also one of them quietest lines of wall mounted units. All in all it does exactly what it’s supposed to do when it’s supposed to do it with no fuss.

The pro’s of this system are mainly its energy-saving features. If you are trying to cut back on gas heating bills then this might be an option for you. The con’s are almost overwhelming as it requires professional installation, can only be used in owned properties, availability of future parts , and the fact that these units can sometimes run as much in installation and equipment cost as just adding to your duct work.

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