Sheila’s friends always wondered why she slept at the movies

Sheila doesn’t understand why oftentimes when she tries to watch a movie, she will fall asleep halfway through it. She can be particularly filled with energy too and this is often what happens. Even when Sheila used to go to the movie theaters all the time back in the day, she would end up sleeping sometime through the movie. Back then, she would go for the cheaper matinee movies and she might have several friends along with her. Sheila’s friends always asked her why she would go to the movies all the time just to get some sleep. She believes it might have something to do with the air conditioner. The movie theaters would crank the air conditioning practically at full blast each time. Sheila enjoyed the cooling that was given by those commercial air conditioners, and perhaps it was just too comfortable and that’s what lulled her to sleep. When Sheila wants to watch movies with her husband in the cabin, it’s the same. She usually adjusts the temperature control settings to get the air conditioner providing the right amount of cooling. Before long, she’s snoozing on the couch. Her husband complains about this all the time. There are some movies that are too exciting to fall asleep to, however most of them Sheila can’t stay up. She also loves to watch interesting cable shows or play games, and she usually doesn’t doze off then. Periodically, Sheila just doesn’t have enough energy in general, so perhaps there is something wrong with her diet or she doesn’t get enough exercise. She’s not sure.

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