Smart boy, bad boy

I was away from the house plus had a pet sitter there with our cat the other day, but while I was away I was receiving alerts on our smartphone from our HVAC unit.

There apparently were constant temperature variations going on in our house that made no sense from my end.

I contacted the pet sitter to see if they were having complications over there with the HVAC system not absolutely working right. My pet sitter Jenny told myself and others that she was having to turn down the furnace basically all the time plus had no method why the temperature was randomly going up and down at all times of the day plus night. I called our HVAC specialist to go check on our entire HVAC system, to make sure there was nothing major going wrong with it. Jenny called myself and others giggling hysterically. It seems that while the local HVAC specialist was there the temperature on our smart control machine changed extremely severely seemingly on its own. He went over all the wires plus affixes checking for a short in the wires from the control machine plus the HVAC system. He had Jenny check the wireless affixions to see if it had been hacked. Then in trotted Gerald, our cat, with the remote control to the smart control unit. The people I was with and I got a tiny remote for our aging mother as she was not tech savvy, then Gerald had claimed our remote for the HVAC system as his new toy.

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