The air purifier is easy to clean and maintain

My wife and I both suffer from terrible allergies.

She is allergic to cats and I am allergic to dogs. When our son wanted to get an animal, the two of us decided to agree to a hamster. We certainly couldn’t get a puppy or a kitten, and we didn’t want to replace goldfish after goldfish. Neither one of us expected our allergies to be bothered by the hamster, but they are. We couldn’t tell our son to get rid of the hamster, so my wife and I are learning how to deal with these allergies. The two of us went to the hardware store and purchased an air purifier for our bedroom. Our son’s room is next to ours and the hamster is in his bedroom. Because we share the same ductwork, the hamster is a problem for us as well. Thankfully, the indoor air purifier has really helped reduce the allergens in our bedroom. Even though my wife and I still cough and sneeze in other parts of the house, our bedroom is clean and sterile and free of germs, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander from the hamster. When we need relief from our allergy symptoms, we can come spend a couple of hours in the bedroom. I don’t know if this is a permanent solution to our allergy dilemma, but it will work for now. I doubt the hamster will live for a long time and maybe our son will grow tired of caring for the animal. I would be happy if he grows out of this pet phase.

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