The candles I lit were having a heating affect

I live in a community that is prone to annoying power outages. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we have intense weather that is regularly taking down power lines, however the complication is, the people I was with and I don’t need horrible climate events to take down our power grid. This is because the people I was with and I have a great deal of big trees in the city! It’s an odd mixture of urban infrastructure and large, seasoned forests together. This causes all sorts of troubles. It is not very uncommon for big branches to come down and take out the power lines. So, of course, the other day, I came back to my home and found that the up-to-date household was looking completely dark and quiet. Of course, the people I was with and I had lost power once again while I was away. I was extremely infuriated, and this meant there was absolutely no central air conditioning in the household. Of course, it was 95 degrees outside. The air was extremely warm and muggy, and the indoor air somehow felt worse. I could not see a single thing in the sweltering up-to-date home without lights, so I dug out some tiny coffee light candles and started lighting them in each room that I needed to use. It looked rather wonderful, but it wasn’t too long before I noticed that the indoor air temperature was climbing much higher. I realized, with serious dissatisfaction, that my coffee light idea was not going to be good enough. There was too much heat coming from these tiny candles without an AC device to offset the heat. It felt as though I had started up a fireplace, rather than a few measly dollar store coffee lights without our central A/C working.


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