The concert hall was so hot

We went to see a concert during Christmas break, but it was so hot in the venue that I actually thought that I was going to pass out a couple of times.

I am not used to being overly hot, especially in a closed in location like this concert venue was.

There weren’t any windows that I could crack open or anything like that at all. It was really a tough situation for me because I really wanted to be at this concert! My niece and my nephew were both playing their instruments in the concert and I did not want to miss it. However, I wish that I had known who was in charge of the temperature settings inside of the venue because I would have given them a piece of my mind. I just don’t think that they knew what they were doing whenever they set the temperature settings that night for the concert. Some people should not be in charge of things like that. Whoever did it that night did not realize that once we had a huge room full of people, the body heat of everyone would blend together and make the inside of the venue 20 degrees hotter than it was to start with. I just kept getting hotter and hotter in my seat and at one point, I asked one of the ushers if he could cut the heat down. He was sweating too, so I think he understood me, because he went over and propped open some of the exterior doors. Unfortunately, it did not help all that much on the inside of the building.

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