The previous owners did not take care of the A/C properly

I can always tell when people don’t take good care of their heating and air conditioners.

A week ago, when I was invited to a coworker’s home, their air quality was horrible.

Now, bad indoor air quality doesn’t always mean they aren’t taking care of their HVAC machine, there are other reasons to cause bad indoor air quality, such as smoking. However, it can be a good indicator. Their home also felt heated and stuffy. Out of curiosity, I asked about their air conditioning system, to see if my hypothesis was correct. They told me their heating and A/C device had been broken for the last 6 months. When I asked if they were going to get it fixed, they told me they thought it was a waste of money to hire an A/C professional, so my suspicion had been correct. When I bought my current home, and I was inspecting the HVAC system, I could tell that it too was not properly taken care of. Not only did it show the signs of it when attempting to function, but it was still dirty! I had a heating and cooling worker come out, and he even told me that this air conditioning device had been neglected quite a bit. So, instead of trying to repair a machine that was already having issues, I decided to just get a new HVAC installation. This way, I can choose my own heating and cooling unit, as well as take proper care of it from the start


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