There’s a power kill switch for my HVAC condenser inside a small metal box outside

I had to hire an electrician to fix my old and unsafe breaker box.

After my breakers kept going off at random moments for no apparent reason, I realized that I should call a professional electrician.

I have lived in enough homes over the years to recognize a problem like this. It’s normal for a breaker to get overloaded from time to time and flip as a result, but when multiple breakers keep flipping over the course of a single day, you know something isn’t right. I didn’t waste any time and immediately called an electrician for a house inspection. He found several electrical outlets that needed to be replaced and determined that my electrical breaker box was no longer safe to use. He told me that it needed to be replaced. I relented so I could stop worrying about my home’s electrical grid. He also installed a separate breaker box for the central air conditioner so it wasn’t putting a heavy load on the central box. The a/c breaker box shares the same wall as the condenser, but is installed inside the garage instead of outside. A kill switch for the entire HVAC system sits in a box outside next to the condenser. This gives the HVAC technicians the ability to cut power to the air conditioner without fooling with the central electrical breaker box. Whenever my heating and cooling technician arrives, he usually tells me to shut the system down. To prevent the risk of electric shock, they usually turn the breaker off as well. Now that the a/c system is on its own breaker box, the operation of the HVAC system won’t have an effect on the rest of the house’s electrical grid.
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